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Table 2 Comparison of MUSCLE and MUDISC alignment quality

From: Accelerated large-scale multiple sequence alignment

Reference Set MUSCLE Avg. Score P-value, Rank MUDISC (near) Avg. Score P-value, Rank MUDISC (nearest) Avg. Score
BRAliBase k7 0.6846 1.42e-4, > 0.6851 0.875, > 0.6839
BRAliBase k15 0.6914 1.18e-3, > 0.6819 0.285, < 0.6814
MDSA BAliBASE 0.3125 9.58e-9, < 0.3623 0.806, < 0.3629
MDSA SMART 0.6195 7.46e-3, < 0.6295 0.830, > 0.6316
  1. The average quality scores for MUSCLE and MUDISC are shown on four reference sets. BRAliScore is reported for BRAliBase, and Q score is reported for MDSA. A variant of MUDISC that uses the nearest neighbor search method is also shown. The P-values from a Friedman rank test indicate the difference between two adjacent programs, and the relational symbols indicate which program ranked higher.