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Table 7 Correlations between CAT and Γ models for the 38 k dataset

From: Algorithms, data structures, and numerics for likelihood-based phylogenetic inference of huge trees

37831 taxa, 32 ML trees
Number of per-site rate categories 8 16 25 40
Average BL correlation with Γ 0.994 0.995 0.995 0.995
Average Tree length ratio (Γ/CAT) 1.743 1.739 1.739 1.739
Spearman rank correlation(Γ, CAT) 0.994 0.992 0.992 0.992
  1. Correlation between CAT and Γ-based ML branch length estimates, total tree length ratios, and Spearman rank correlation coefficients between likelihood-induced tree rankings obtained from CAT and Γ for dataset 38 K.