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Table 1 Overview about the implemented topological network descriptors

From: Structural Measures for Network Biology Using QuACN

Name Symbol R function Ref.
Descriptors based on distances
Skorobogatov indices D i (G) dobrynin(g) [37]
Wiener index W(G) wiener(g) [36]
Hararay index H(G) harary(g) [53]
Balaban J index J(G) balabanJ(g) [54]
Compactness C(G) compactness(g) [55]
Product of row sums index PRS(G) productOfRowSums(g) [56]
Hyper-distance-path index D P (G) hyperDistancePathIndex(g) [24]
Descriptors based on other invariants
Index of total adjacency A(G) totalAdjacency(g) [39]
Zagreb group indices 1 Z1(G) zagreb1(g) [38]
Zagreb group indices 2 Z2(G) zagreb2(g) [38]
Randić index R(G) randic(g) [57]
The complexity index B B(G) complexityIndexB(g) [39]
Normalized edge complexity E N (G) normalizedEdgeComplexity(g) [39]
Classical entropy-based descriptors
Topological information content I o r b V ( G ) topologicalInfoContent(g) [14, 21]
Bonchev-Trinajstić index 1 I D (G) bonchev1(g) [42]
Bonchev-Trinajstić index 2 I D W ( G ) bonchev2(g) [42]
BERTZ complexity index C(G) bertz(g) [58]
Radial centric info index I C,R (G) radialCentric(g) [20]
Vertex degree equality-based ii. I deg (G) vertexDegree(g) [20]
Balaban-like information index U U (G) balabanlike1(g) [40]
Balaban-like information index X X (G) balabanlike2(g) [40]
Graph vertex complexity index I V (G) graphVertexComplexity(g) [59]
Dehmer entropy with information functionals using
the j-spheres I f V ( G ) infoTheoreticGCM(g,infofunct="sphere") [43]
path lengths I f P ( G ) infoTheoreticGCM(g,infofunct="pathlength") [43]
vertex centrality I f C ( G ) infoTheoreticGCM(g,infofunct="vertcent") [43]
degree-degree associations I f Δ ( G ) infoTheoreticGCM(g,infofunct="degree") [49]
  1. This table gives an overview about the implemented topological network descriptor including the function name in QuACN and the reference to the corresponding publication.