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Table 6 Overview of the webtools available from the GTrack website [20]

From: Identifying elemental genomic track types and representing them uniformly

GTrack supporting tools Description
Show GTrack specification Displays a HTML version of the GTrack specification
Validate GTrack file Checks whether a GTrack file complies with the specification
Convert tabular file to GTrack Converts any tabular file to GTrack
Convert file to/from GTrack Converts to and from common tabular formats (GFF, BED, WIG, bedGraph)
Expand GTrack headers Expands partially completed GTrack headers based on data contents
Standardize GTrack file Converts a GTrack file to track type "linked valued segments" using the default indexing scheme
Sort GTrack file Sorts a GTrack file (including bounding regions)
Complement GTrack columns Complements the columns of a GTrack file based on another GTrack file
  1. All tools are implemented as part of the Genomic HyperBrowser [10, 28] and available under the GPL license, version 3 [34].