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Table 1 Multiple alignment information

From: MotifMap: integrative genome-wide maps of regulatory motif sites for model species

Species Build Alignment # species in alignment # of matrices
Yeast sacCer2 multiz7way 7 507
Worm ce6 multiz6way 6 6
Fly dm3 multiz15way 12 (files only) 262
Mouse mm9 multiz30way 30 830
Human hg18 multiz28way 17 (placentals only) 837
Human hg19 multiz46way 32 (placentals only) 837
  1. Number of species in multiple alignments for each reference species, and the number of original matrices for each species. Comprehensive maps exist for yeast, worm, fly, mouse, and human (both for a 17-species and 32-species alignment). See the UCSC Genome Browser website for more information on the alignments used and the species they contain. Trees used are truncated to remove the most distant species.