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Figure 6

From: MIR@NT@N: a framework integrating transcription factors, microRNAs and their targets to identify sub-network motifs in a meta-regulation network model

Figure 6

Regulatory networks in EMT generated by the Quick Network interface. (A) Networks were generated using the down-regulated miR-200 family (diamonds in green), the four TFs (squares in gray) predicted to regulate these miRNAs and the twenty predicted up-regulated target gene list (ellipses in red) predicted to be regulated by these miRNAs. Scores of 0.85 or 0.8 were used for TF regulations or miRNA regulations, respectively. (B) FBL extracted from the previous network (A), showing a regulation loop between ZEB2 and miR-200 family. (C) FFL detected from the previous network (A), focusing on genes targeted by both, TFs and miRNAs.

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