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Table 4 Summary of the computing resources required by each method.

From: Comparing genotyping algorithms for Illumina's Infinium whole-genome SNP BeadChips

Software Time taken (mins) Peak memory usage (GB)
GenomeStudio (v 1.1.0)* 230 0.75
GenoSNP 370 0.09
Illuminus 38 12.2
CRLMM (v 1.2.4) 28 38.2
  1. These figures are based on the analysis of a set of 346 samples (batch 2) from the MS-GWAS.
  2. * run on a PC (Pentium quad core, 3 Ghz computer with 2 GB RAM) with file-based storage enabled
  3. run on a quad-core AMD Opteron 2.7 Ghz CPU linux machine with 64 GB RAM
  4. timing does not include time taken by GenomeStudio to output X and Y data used as input for these methods (30 mins and 0.65 GB RAM on the PC we used)