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Table 1 The three schemes

From: A comparison and user-based evaluation of models of textual information structure in the context of cancer risk assessment

S1 Objective OBJ The background and the aim of the research
  Method METH The way to achieve the goal
  Result RES The principle findings
  Conclusion CON Analysis, discussion and the main conclusions
S2 Background BKG The circumstances pertaining to the current work, situation, or its causes, history, etc.
  Objective OBJ A thing aimed at or sought, a target or goal
  Method METH A way of doing research, esp. according to a defined and regular plan; a special form of procedure or characteristic set of procedures employed in a field of study as a mode of investigation and inquiry
  Result RES The effect, consequence, issue or outcome of an experiment; the quantity, formula, etc. obtained by calculation
  Conclusion CON A judgment or statement arrived at by any reasoning process; an inference, deduction, induction; a proposition deduced by reasoning from other propositions; the result of a discussion, or examination of a question, final determination, decision, resolution, final arrangement or agreement
  Related work REL A comparison between the current work and the related work
  Future work FUT The work that needs to be done in the future
S3 Hypothesis HYP A statement that has not been yet confirmed rather than a factual statement
  Motivation MOT The reason for carrying out the investigation
  Background BKG Description of generally accepted background knowledge and previous work
  Goal GOAL The target state of the investigation where intended discoveries are made
  Object OBJT An entity which is a product or main theme of the investigation
  Experiment EXP Experiment details
  Model MOD A statement about a theoretical model or framework
  Method METH The means by which the authors seek to achieve a goal of the investigation
  Observation OBS The data/phenomena recorded within an investigation
  Result RES Factual statements about the outputs of an investigation
  Conclusion CON Statements inferred from observations and results, relating to research hypothesis