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Table 1 Features of the R packages for ROC anaylsis

From: pROC: an open-source package for R and S+ to analyze and compare ROC curves

Package name ROCR Verification ROC (Bioconductor) pcvsuite pROC
Smoothing No Yes No Yes Yes
Partial AUC Only SP1 No Only SP1 Only SP SP and SE
Confidence intervals Partial2 Partial3 No Partial4 Yes
Plotting Confidence Intervals Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Statistical tests No AUC (one sample) No AUC, pAUC, SP AUC, pAUC, SP, SE, ROC
Available on CRAN Yes Yes No, No, Yes
  1. 1Partial AUC only between 100% and a specified cutoff of specificity
  2. 2Bootstrapped ROC curves must be computed by the user
  3. 3Only threshold averaging
  4. 4Only at a given specificity or inverse ROC