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Table 2 Estimation of the mean value of Ks for flanking genes around miR167s in Arabidopsis, Populus, grape and rice

From: MicroSyn: A user friendly tool for detection of microsynteny in a gene family

miRNA Ks miRNA Ks
ptc-miR167f ptc-miR167g 0.29 ptc-miR167h ptc-miR167a 1.95
ptc-miR167a ptc-miR167c 0.33 ptc-miR167h ptc-miR167g 1.75
ptc-miR167h ptc-miR167e 0.31 ptc-miR167e ptc-miR167g 2.13
ptc-miR167f ptc-miR167h 1.96 ptc-miR167h ptc-miR167c 1.9
ptc-miR167f ptc-miR167c 1.66 ptc-miR167a ptc-miR167e 2.6
ptc-miR167f ptc-miR167a 1.79 ath-miR167a ath-miR167b 1.83
ptc-miR167c ptc-miR167g 2.27 vvi-miR167b vvi-miR167e 1.32
ptc-miR167a ptc-miR167g 2.38 vvi-miR167c vvi-miR167e 1.33
ptc-miR167f ptc-miR167e 1.75 vvi-miR167b vvi-miR167c 2.03
  1. The mean Ks value was calculated for each homologous pair of protein-coding genes between genomic fragments containing miR167s members, for which microsynteny have been detected.