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Table 1 Top GO Terms in breast cancer datasets

From: Meta-analysis of gene expression microarrays with missing replicates

gold standard (87 terms) IGM (60 terms) INTERSECTION (2 terms) IGNORE (29 terms)
GO Term p-value GO Term p-value GO Term p-value   
phosphoinositide-mediated signaling 3.87E-14 phosphoinositidemediated signaling 1.24E-13 phosphoinositide mediated signaling 2.70E-03 phosphoinositidemediated signaling 2.44E-11
mitotic chromosome condensation 5.61E-13 mitotic chromosome condensation 2.14E-11 mitotic chromosome condensation 5.34E-03 mitotic chromosome condensation 1.47E-08
DNA replication 1.22E-08 spindle organization 1.48E-08 regulation of cyclin-dependent protein kinase activity 1.33E-02 spindle organization 1.91E-08
spindle organization 1.53E-08 DNA replication 1.53E-08 DNA repair 1.47E-02 DNA replication 4.13E-06
  1. Top four GO terms that are over-represented in the set of significant probes generated by the gold standard, IGM, INTERSECTION and IGNORE methods in the breast cancer datasets.