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Table 2 Top GO terms in gastric cancer datasets

From: Meta-analysis of gene expression microarrays with missing replicates

GO Term p-value GO Term p-value GO Term p-value
DNA metabolic process 0 regulation of mitosis 7.80E-05 regulation of progression through cell cycle 5.83E-07
cell division 0 mitotic cell cycle 1.04E-03 regulation of cell cycle 5.83E-07
cell cycle 0 mitosis 1.22E-03 regulation of mitosis 9.78E-07
mitotic cell cycle 0 mitotic cell cycle checkpoint 1.22E-03 response to
endogenous stimulus
biological adhesion; 0 muscle contraction; 3.40E-05 biological adhesion 3.13E-07
cell adhesion; 0 muscle system process; 3.40E-05 cell adhesion 3.13E-07
muscle development; 0 muscle development; 1.35E-03 multicellular
organismal process
muscle contraction; 2.80E-04 multicellular organismal process; 4.84E-03 muscle contraction 1.61E-05
  1. Top four GO terms over-represented in the subset of genes that are prominently over-expressed in diffuse(first four terms) and intestinal (second four terms) subtypes of gastric cancer.