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Table 1 Selected GO terms enriched in the top 20 conserved pathways of size L = 64 with adjusted p-values.

From: Comparative analysis of protein interaction networks reveals that conserved pathways are susceptible to HIV-1 interception

Gene Ontology terms Adjusted p-values
signaling pathway 1.39e-49
signaling 4.39e-47
signal transduction 1.97e-42
regulation of cellular process 1.14e-41
signal transmission 4.46e-41
signaling process 4.94e-41
regulation of biological process 1.46e-39
biological regulation 3.09e-37
intracellular signaling pathway 7.57e-37
intracellular signal transduction 2.56e-35
cell proliferation 8.71e-34
phosphate metabolic process 2.86e-33
system development 3.63e-31
enzyme linked receptor protein signaling pathway 9.49e-31
developmental process 6.77e-30
anatomical structure development 1.73e-29
organ development 2.16e-29
cell surface receptor linked signaling pathway 1.23e-28
response to endogenous stimulus 7.55e-27
cellular response to stimulus 3.96e-26
response to stimulus 4.21e-25
protein modification process 2.11e-24
regulation of metabolic process 1.12e-23
response to hormone stimulus 1.38e-21
cell communication 6.28e-21
regulation of biosynthetic process 1.55e-15
Ras protein signal transduction 2.85e-14
response to stress 1.65e-13
RNA biosynthetic process 5.10e-13
cellular macromolecule biosynthetic process 5.49e-13
regulation of transferase activity 1.15e-12
immune system development 2.09e-12
regulation of immune system process 2.26e-12
hemopoietic or lymphoid organ development 9.12e-12
hemopoiesis 4.55e-11
neurogenesis 5.75e-08
leukocyte differentiation 6.68e-08
lymphocyte proliferation 1.43e-07