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Table 1 Related works of predicting DNA-binding domains/proteins from sequences

From: Predicting and analyzing DNA-binding domains using a systematic approach to identifying a set of informative physicochemical and biochemical properties

Reference Sequence type Identity Feature number Representation Feature type Classifier
Shao et al. 2009 [8] protein 25% 343 Seven class Conjoint triad PCP SVM
Fang et al. 2008 [6] protein 35% 40 Pseudo-AA composition PCP SVM
Yu et al. 2006 [9] protein 25% 132 Combined descriptors PCP SVM
Cai et al 2003 [5] protein 40% 40 Pseudo-AA composition PCP SVM
Kumar et al. 2007 [7] domain and protein 25% 400 PSSM PSSM SVM
Auto-IDPCPs domain and protein 25% m* Mean value of sequence# PCP SVM
  1. PCP: physicochemical property and biochemical property
  2. *: a small number (<30) of feature vectors selected from 531 vectors
  3. #: The averaged value of amino acids in a sequence for one property