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Table 10 The m=8 features selected from the eight clusters identified from DNAaset that one best feature is selected from one cluster by IGA.

From: Predicting and analyzing DNA-binding domains using a systematic approach to identifying a set of informative physicochemical and biochemical properties

Feature ID AAindex ID Description
P159 LEVM760107 van der Waals parameter epsilon (Levitt, 1976)
H87 FAUJ880110 Number of full nonbonding orbitals (Fauchere et al., 1988)
A99 GEIM800103 Alpha-helix indices for beta-proteins (Geisow-Roberts, 1980)
C197 NAKH900109 AA composition of membrane proteins (Nakashima et al., 1990)
P63 DAWD720101 Size (Dawson, 1972)
H11 BIOV880102 Information value for accessibility; average fraction 23% (Biou et al., 1988)
H396 YUTK870104 Activation Gibbs energy of unfolding, pH9.0 (Yutani et al., 1987)
H451 NADH010106 Hydropathy scale based on self-information values in the two-state model (36% accessibility) (Naderi-Manesh et al., 2001)