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Table 11 Some typical properties in the five identified clusters for analyzing DNA-binding domains

From: Predicting and analyzing DNA-binding domains using a systematic approach to identifying a set of informative physicochemical and biochemical properties

Cid AAindex ID PCP Cid AAindex ID PCP
7 BHAR880101 Flexibility 10 FASG760105 pK-C
7 BURA740101 Secondary structure 10 JOND750102 pk- (-COOH)
7 CHOC760103 Solvent accessibility 10 RADA880108 Polarity
7 HOPT810101 Hydrophobicity 16 PRAM900101 Hydrophobicity
7 FAUJ880111 Charge 16 FUKS010104 Solvent accessibility
9 KARP850101 Flexibility 16 KUMS000103 Secondary structure
9 PALJ810115 Secondary structure 18 PONP800107 Solvent accessibility
9 ROSM880101 Hydrophobicity 18 GRAR740102 Polarity
9 KUHL950101 Solvent accessibility 18 FASG760104 pK-N
10 ZIMJ680101 Hydrophobicity 18 FAUJ880113 pK-a(RCOOH)
10 EISD860101 Solvent accessibility 18 FAUJ880103 Normalized van der
10 GEIM800101 Secondary structure    Waals volume
  1. Cid: Cluster ID. PCP: physicochemical and biochemical property