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Table 5 The robust solution S18 with a set of m=22 features for DNAset

From: Predicting and analyzing DNA-binding domains using a systematic approach to identifying a set of informative physicochemical and biochemical properties

Feature ID AAindex ID Description
53 CHOP780216 Normalized frequency of the 2nd and 3rd residues in turn (Chou-Fasman, 1978b)
56 CIDH920103 Normalized hydrophobicity scales for alpha+beta-proteins (Cid et al., 1992)
64 DAYM780101 Amino acid composition (Dayhoff et al., 1978a)
86 FAUJ880109 Number of hydrogen bond donors (Fauchere et al., 1988)
91 FINA770101 Helix-coil equilibrium constant (Finkelstein-Ptitsyn, 1977)
188 NAGK730103 Normalized frequency of coil (Nagano, 1973)
202 NAKH920101 AA composition of CYT of single-spanning proteins (Nakashima-Nishikawa, 1992)
227 PALJ810105 Normalized frequency of turn from LG (Palau et al., 1981)
228 PALJ810106 Normalized frequency of turn from CF (Palau et al., 1981)
255 PRAM900104 Relative frequency in reverse-turn (Prabhakaran, 1990)
262 QIAN880105 Weights for alpha-helix at the window position of -2 (Qian-Sejnowski, 1988)
274 QIAN880117 Weights for beta-sheet at the window position of -3 (Qian-Sejnowski, 1988)
286 QIAN880129 Weights for coil at the window position of -4 (Qian-Sejnowski, 1988)
363 SUEM840101 Zimm-Bragg parameter s at 20 C (Sueki et al., 1984)
383 WEBA780101 RF value in high salt chromatography (Weber-Lacey, 1978)
388 WOEC730101 Polar requirement (Woese, 1973)
412 AURR980110 Normalized positional residue frequency at helix termini N5 (Aurora-Rose, 1998)
430 MUNV940102 Free energy in alpha-helical region (Munoz-Serrano, 1994)
434 WIMW960101 Free energies of transfer of AcWl-X-LL peptides from bilayer interface to water (Wimley-White, 1996)
443 KUMS000104 Distribution of amino acid residues in the alpha-helices in mesophilic proteins (Kumar et al., 2000)
486 BASU050102 Interactivity scale obtained by maximizing the mean of correlation coefficient over single-domain globular proteins (Bastolla et al., 2005)
513 JACR890101 Weights from the IFH scale (Jacobs-White, 1989)