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Table 9 The m=5 features selected from the five clusters identified from DNAset that one best feature is selected from one cluster by IGA.

From: Predicting and analyzing DNA-binding domains using a systematic approach to identifying a set of informative physicochemical and biochemical properties

Feature ID AAindex ID Description
H88 FAUJ880111 Positive charge (Fauchere et al., 1988)
H86 FAUJ880109 Number of hydrogen bond donors (Fauchere et al., 1988)
H67 DESM900102 Average membrane preference: AMP07 (Degli Esposti et al., 1990)
C209 NAKH920108 AA composition of MEM of multi-spanning proteins (Nakashima-Nishikawa, 1992)
H178 MEEJ800101 Retention coefficient in HPLC, pH7.4 (Meek, 1980)