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Table 3 Statistics of GEO microarray data for GSEA

From: HOMER: a human organ-specific molecular electronic repository

Organ Disease #Samples Reference series
Lung Lung-sarcoidosis 12 GSE16538
Lung adenocarcinoma(Lung Tumor) 107 GSE10072
Lung Cystic Fibrosis 20 GSE2395
Lung Squamous Lung Cancer 10 GSE3268
Lung Malignant pleural mesothelioma 54 GSE2549
Lung Lung-Cancer 192 GSE4115
Prostate prostate cancer 104 GSE6099
Prostate metastatic prostate tumor 6 GSE7930
Prostate metastatic prostate tumor 164 GSE6919
Prostate prostate tumors 30 GSE3868
Ovary ovarian cancer 24 GSE14407
Ovary Serous Carcinoma 37 GSE10971
Ovary polycystic ovary syndrome 15 GSE5090
Ovary Ovarian Endometriosis 20 GSE7305
Bladder carcinomas 60 GSE3167
Bladder Urothelial carcinoma 17 GSE24152
Pancreas soft tissue sarcoma 39 GSE2719
Pancreas multistep pancreatic carcinogenesis 22 GSE19650
pancreas Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma 78 GSE15471
pancreas Clinic Pancreatic Tumor 52 GSE16515
Kidney renal cell carcinoma 20 GSE6344
Kidney hyperaldosteronism 15 GSE8514
Kidney preeclampsia 6 GSE6573
Kidney metastatic prostate tumors 164 GSE6919