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Table 1 Subset of genes retained from a previous Random Forests screening step

From: A new method for identifying bivariate differential expression in high dimensional microarray data using quadratic discriminant analysis

M76378 M63391 M76378 M36634 R87126 J02854 Z50753
M76378 H43887 T92451 J05032 R36977 X12369 X63629
T71025 H40095 Z49269 R44301 M22382 X14958 U25138
R78934 H06524 T86473 H77597 H64489 M64110 X12671
Z49269 X86693 L05144 U19969 M26697 T40454 H20709
X54942 T51534 X16356 X70326 R42501 X87159 D25217
Z24727 R08183 L07648 H08393 U31525 M36981 M26383
X74295 T51571 R48303 T95018 T67077 M80815 U22055
T86749 R46753 X07290 T51539 T60155 U17899 U32519
D31716 H20426 D16294 U09564 R28373 R64115 X12466
R44418 X53743 U14631 X53461 R37276 D31885 X56597
T96873 X15882 T94350 X12496 D59253 D29808 R75843
L41559 T40645 M69135 U26312 T51858 R60883 R84411
Z25521 M26683 D42047 D15049 D14662