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Table 1 Number of protein complexes identified in the three data sets.

From: A quantitative analysis of monochromaticity in genetic interaction networks

  Total complex amount Amount of positively monochromatic complexes Amount of negatively monochromatic complexes p-value for observing this proportion
Lenient 76 26 30 2.18e-05
Intermediate 59 18 25 2.92e-04
Stringent 46 18 28 1.42e-14
  1. For each dataset, this table indicates the number of total protein complexes, complexes that were identified to be positively monochromatic by MP-score and complexes that were identified to be negatively monochromatic by MP-score. A complex was defined as monochromatic if its |MP-score|>0.5. The highly biased background (Table S1 and Figure S1) should reduce the significance of monochromaticity of genetic interactions within protein complexes. However, it was not reflected by MP-score.