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Table 1 Examples of SIDER information

From: Building the process-drug–side effect network to discover the relationship between biological Processes and side effects

STITCHID UMLS concept ID Effect name Description of frequency Frequency score
-1003 C0000737 Nausea 26% 0.26
-104741 C0010200 Cough Postmarketing 0.001
-104865 C0015230 Rash Rare 0.001
-115237 C0013604 Edema Infrequent 0.01
  1. A search tool for Interactions of chemicals (STITCH) ID is represented as a compound ID in STITCH databases. A unified medical language system (UMLS) concept ID implies a description of frequency that consists of 4 types: postmarketing, rare, infrequent, and frequent. For frequent cases, a percentage is used instead of the word “frequent.”