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Table 4 Upregulated tamoxifen-related processes in the drug-process network

From: Building the process-drug–side effect network to discover the relationship between biological Processes and side effects

GO T-score GO term
GO:0004550 4.14835 nucleoside diphosphate kinase activity
GO:0050661 3.38806 NADP or NADPH binding
GO:0016234 3.18592 inclusion body
GO:0006929 3.14893 substrate-bound cell migration
GO:0050750 3.12409 low-density lipoprotein receptor binding
GO:0016878 3.11266 acid-thiol ligase activity
GO:0009109 3.07065 coenzyme catabolic process
GO:0051017 3.04806 actin filament bundle formation
GO:0035035 3.00959 histone acetyltransferase binding
GO:0006527 3.0003 arginine catabolic process