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Table 4 Overview of all recovered polymorphisms using UniProtKB as additional data source.

From: Challenges in the association of human single nucleotide polymorphism mentions with unique database identifiers

PMID dbSNP identifier Variation UniProtKB id Used feature
16368448 rs5063 Val7Met P01160 Signal: 1-25
17196207 rs5882 I405V P11597 Signal: 1-17
17344938 rs1123617 Val227Ile Q15849 Var_Seq: 1-523
17344938 rs3745009 Ala357Thr Q15849 Var_Seq: 1-523
17517687 rs1041981 Thr26Asn P01374 Signal: 1-34
17634448 rs2230199 Arg80Gly P01024 Signal: 1-22
17944986 rs6136 Thr715Pro P16109 Signal: 1-41
18034366 rs5882 I405V P11597 Signal: 1-17
  1. The fourth column refers to the used UniProtKB entry and the fifth column shows which specific feature has been used to recover this variation.