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Table 3 An example of aspect detection using Wikipedia

From: Promoting ranking diversity for genomics search with relevance-novelty combined model

query: What serum [PROTEINS] change expression in association with high disease activity in lupus?
retrieved passage: The association aCL anti- GPI lupus nephritis strengthened association seen aCL positivity conjunction positivity anti-dsDNA anti-C1q antibodies examined presence levels serum act useful markers severity renal disease lupus nephritis patients likely positive autoantibodies non-nephritis SLE PAPS patients Further studies monitoring autoantibodies determining disease activity predicting development nephritis SLE
detected aspects: Lupus nephritis; Systemic lupus erythematosus; Antibody; Kidney; Autoantibody;
  1. An example is shown in this table. Terms that can be linked to their corresponding Wikipedia concepts are displayed in bold font.