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Table 3 Comparison of mean results of a stratified 10-fold cross-validation experiment on the development set using oversampling versus using discretization threshold (DTH) lowering.

From: Detection of interaction articles and experimental methods in biomedical literature

Method Acc Spec Sens F-Score MCC AUC iP/R Feat DTH
Oversampling 86.72 92.22 59.93 60.49 0.52580 66.36 WMP 0.50
DTH lowering 85.94 89.76 67.35 61.92 0.53689 69.33 WMP 0.20
DTH lowering 87.84 93.81 58.82 62.21 0.55363 69.33 WMP 0.36
  1. No restrictions on minimal feature occurrence or feature set size were used in these experiments, therefore the DTH of 0.20 is no longer optimal. A DTH of 0.36 gives the best results overall. Features considered are W (bag of words), M (MeSH), P (PPIscore), B (bigrams), S (syntactic) - for a detailed description see page 3.