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Table 1 Event types and their arguments in the ST corpus

From: Extracting semantically enriched events from biomedical literature

Event type Primary arguments Secondary arguments
Gene expression Theme (P)  
Transcription Theme (P)  
Protein Catabolism Theme (P)  
Phosphorylation Theme (P) Site
Localization Theme (P) AtLoc, ToLoc
Binding Theme (P)+ Site+
Regulation Theme(P/Ev), Cause(P/Ev) Site, CSite
Positive regulation Theme(P/Ev), Cause(P/Ev) Site, CSite
Negative regulation Theme(P/Ev), Cause(P/Ev) Site, CSite
  1. For each event, argument roles (Theme, Cause) and argument types (P:Protein, Ev:Event) are shown Secondary arguments are optional, and they include AtLoc (the source of an event), ToLoc (the goal or destination of an event), Site (specific domains or regions corresponding to the theme of the event), CSite (specific domains of regions corresponding to the cause of an event). Binding events can take an arbitrary number of proteins as their theme, and Regulation events can take events or proteins as their arguments.