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Table 2 Growth Inhibition verification of 2B/10A Compounds

From: Comprehensive data-driven analysis of the impact of chemoinformatic structure on the genome-wide biological response profiles of cancer cells to 1159 drugs

Chemical CMap (μM) GI50 (μM) Subcomponent Cell line
berberine 10 25.1 2B MCF7
irinotecan 100 6.3 2B, 10A MCF7
mitoxantrone 7.9 0.004 2B MCF7
amiodarone 6.3 4.0* 2B PC3
8-azaguanine 25.1 0.32 10A HL60
apigenin 15.9 25.1 10A HL60
azacitidine 15.9 0.79 10A PC3
camptothecin 12.6 <0.01** 10A MCF7
chrysin 15.9 15.8*** 10A MCF7
methotrexate 7.9 0.03 10A MCF7
thioguanosine 12.6 0.32 10A MCF7
esculetin 25.1 >100** 10A HL60
fulvestrant 1.0 >100** 10A PC3
  1. GI50 values (drug concentration causing a 50% growth inhibition) from NCI/DTP are shown along with the corresponding concentrations used in the Connectivity Map (CMap) data. By comparing the GI50 and CMap values we can get an idea of expected cell killing effect of the drug in the CMap data. Drugs that are expected to eventually kill the cells are shown in bold. GI50 and CMap concentration values are in μM scales.
  2. * GI50 value at the end of the tested range.
  3. ** Mean of GI50 values from HL60 and MCF7 cell lines.
  4. *** Value from HL60 cell line.