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Table 5 Dysregulated pathways identified in breast tumour (GSE15852) dataset

From: Identifying dysregulated pathways in cancers from pathway interaction networks

Pathway Description Number of genes
KEGG_ADIPOCYTOKINE_SIGNALING_PATHWAY Adipocytokine signaling pathway 67
REACTOME_TCR_SIGNALING Genes involved in TCR signaling 64
REACTOME_P75NTR_SIGNALS_VIA_NFKB Genes involved in p75NTR signals via NF-κB 13
BIOCARTA_ATM_PATHWAY ATM signaling pathway 20
REACTOME_ACTIVATION_OF_THE_AP1_FAMILY_OF_TRANSCRIPTION_FACTORS Genes involved in activation of the AP-1 family of transcription factors 10
KEGG_INSULIN_SIGNALING_PATHWAY Insulin signaling pathway 137
BIOCARTA_AKAP13_PATHWAY Rho-Selective guanine exchange factor AKAP13 mediates stress fiber formation 12
BIOCARTA_CK1_PATHWAY Regulation of ck1/cdk5 by type 1 glutamate receptors 17
KEGG_PANCREATIC_CANCER Pancreatic cancer 70