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Figure 6

From: PREMIM and EMIM: tools for estimation of maternal, imprinting and interaction effects using multinomial modelling

Figure 6

Comparison of EMIM and LEM for Child/Mother Duos. Plots showing the comparison of EMIM and LEM using simulated data for 2000 case/mother duos and 2000 control/mother duos, assuming R1=1.5 and R2=2.25 at SNP number 1000 and S1=2 and S2=3 at SNP number 6004. Plots of the log 10 p-values for each SNP to detect child and maternal effects by: A: EMIM and B: LEM. Plots of the log parameters values for: C: R1; D: R2; E: S1and F: S2. G: Plot of the log 10 p-values for the alternative versus the null model calculated using EMIM and MENDEL.

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