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Table 3 Comparison with Similar Tools

From: Genes2FANs: connecting genes through functional association networks

Tool Name Average Interactions Background Knowledge Unique Genes in database Organisms
Genes2FANs 72.1 ± 51 PPI, literature co-occurrence, miRNAs, co-regulation, domains, drug signatures & targets, gene signatures, metabolites, and phenotypes 35,078 H.sapiens, M.musculus, R.norvegicus
PIPs 10.1 ± 25.2 Co-expression, orthology, domains, co-localization, and PTMs 5,338 H.sapiens
HEFalMp 681.3 ± 1123.2 Functionally mapped data from microarray experiments and sequence comparisons 24,433 H.sapiens
GeneMania 78.7 ± 39.2 Co-expression, physical & genetic interactions, domains, co-localization, pathways, and orthology 155,238 H.sapiens, A.thaliana, C.elegans, D.melanogaster, M.musculus, R.norvegicus, and S.cerevisiae
STRING 9.0 24.3 ± 14.4 Co-localization, fusion, co-occurrence, co-expression, literature co-occurrence, and orthology 5,214,234 1,133 Organisms
FunCoup 47.7 ± 21.9 PPI, orthology, co-expression, miRNA, co-localization, phylogenetics, co-regulation, genetic interactions, and domains 1,800,000 H.sapiens, M.musculus, R.norvegicus, D.melanogaster, A.thaliana, C.elegans, S.cerevisiae,and C.intestinalis
  1. Comparison of Genes2FANs with five similar tools; examining the average number of interactions returned for single gene queries, the types of background knowledge for each tool, the number of unique genes/proteins in each knowledgebase, and the supported organisms.