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Table 1 The positive dataset, composed of 80 non-redundant protein-hexose binding sites

From: Automated identification of protein-ligand interaction features using Inductive Logic Programming: a hexose binding case study

Hexose PDB ID Ligand PDB ID Ligand
Glucose 1BDG GLC-501 1ISY GLC-1471
  1EX1 GLC-617 1J0Y GLC-1601
  1GJW GLC-701 1JG9 GLC-2000
  1GWW GLC-1371 1K1W GLC-653
  1H5U GLC-998 1KME GLC-501
  1HIZ GLC-1381 1MMU GLC-1
  1HIZ GLC-1382 1NF5 GLC-125
  1HKC GLC-915 1NSZ GLC-1400
  1HSJ GLC-671 1PWB GLC-405
  1HSJ GLC-672 1Q33 GLC-400
  1I8A GLC-189 1RYD GLC-601
  1ISY GLC-1461 1S5M AGC-1001
  1SZ2 BGC-1001 1SZ2 BGC-2001
  1U2S GLC-1 1UA4 GLC-1457
  1V2B AGC-1203 1WOQ GLC-290
  1Z8D GLC-901 2BQP GLC-337
  2BVW GLC-602 2BVW GLC-603
  2F2E AGC-401   
Galactose 1AXZ GLA-401 1MUQ GAL-301
  1DIW GAL-1400 1NS0 GAL-1400
  1DJR GAL-1104 1NS2 GAL-1400
  1DZQ GAL-502 1NS8 GAL-1400
  1EUU GAL-2 1NSM GAL-1400
  1ISZ GAL-461 1NSU GAL-1400
  1ISZ GAL-471 1NSX GAL-1400
  1JZ7 GAL-2001 1OKO GLB-901
  1KWK GAL-701 1OQL GAL-265
  1L7K GAL-500 1OQL GAL-267
  1LTI GAL-104 1PIE GAL-1
  1R47 GAL-1101 1S5D GAL-704
  1S5E GAL-751 1S5F GAL-104
  1SO0 GAL-500 1TLG GAL-1
  1UAS GAL-1501 1UGW GAL-200
  1XC6 GAL-9011 1ZHJ GAL-1
  2GAL GAL-998   
Mannose 1BQP MAN-402 1KZB MAN-1501
  1KLF MAN-1500 1KZC MAN-1001
  1KX1 MAN-20 1KZE MAN-1001
  1KZA MAN-1001 1OP3 MAN-503
  1OUR MAN-301 1QMO MAN-302
  1U4J MAN-1008 1U4J MAN-1009
  1. The table lists the protein’s PDB ID and the hexose ligand considered.