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Table 9 Positive and negative examples covered by each reported ProGolem rule

From: Automated identification of protein-ligand interaction features using Inductive Logic Programming: a hexose binding case study

Rule Positive examples Negative examples
  37: 1BDG, 1BQP, 1DZQ, 1HKC, 1HSJ_2, 1ISY, 1ISZ, 1ISZ_2,  
  1J0Y, 1JG9, 1JZ7, 1KLF, 1MMU, 1MUQ, 1NSU, 1NSX, 1NSZ,  
1 1OKO, 1OP3, 1OQL, 1OQL_2, 1OUR, 1PIE, 1Q33, 1S5M, 1SZ2, 4: 1AWB, 1W8N, 2B0C, 2B32
  1SZ2_2, 1TLG, 1U2S, 1U4J, 1U4J_2, 1UA4, 1UAS, 1WOQ,  
  2BQP, 2BVW, 2BVW_2  
  24: 1DJR, 1EUU, 1HIZ, 1HSJ, 1HSJ_2, 1KWK, 1KX1, 1KZA,  
2 1KZB, 1KZC, 1KZE, 1L7K, 1MUQ, 1NS8, 1NSM, 1NSU, 1NSX, 0
  1NSZ, 1PWB, 1S5D, 1S5E, 1SO0, 1TLG, 1XC6  
3 30: 1DIW, 1DJR, 1EUU, 1HIZ, 1ISZ, 1KX1, 1KZA, 1KZB, 1KZC, 0
1KZE, 1L7K, 1LTI, 1NS0, 1NS2, 1NS8, 1NSM, 1NSU, 1NSX,
1NSZ, 1OKO, 1OQL_2, 1OUR, 1PWB, 1QMO, 1S5D, 1S5E, 1S5F,
1SO0, 1U2S, 2GAL
4 7: 1HSJ, 1HSJ_2, 1KME, 1RYD, 1S5M, 1TLG, 1UGW 0
5 6: 1HIZ_2, 1KWK, 1QMO, 1U4J, 1U4J_2, 1XC6 0
  18: 1ISY, 1ISY_2, 1ISZ, 1ISZ_2, 1NF5, 1OKO, 1OQL, 1PIE,  
6 1R47, 1SO0, 1SZ2, p1SZ2_2, 1TLG, 1U4J, 1U4J_2, 1UAS, 0
  2BVW, 2BVW_2