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Table 2 Modifications in previous families

From: Re-visiting protein-centric two-tier classification of existing DNA-protein complexes

Group Existing Families
  Before classification After classification
  Cro & repressor Renamed to Cro and cro like
  Diptheria tox repressor Renamed to iron dependent repressor
Zinc Co-ordinating   
  Harmone Nuclear Receptor Renamed to Nuclear receptors
  GAL4 type Renamed to Gal 4 and Gal 4 like
Zipper type   
  Leucine Zipper Has subfamilies bzip1 and bzip2
Other-α Helix   
  Cre Recombinase Renamed to Site specific recombinases
  ReI homology Renamed to Ig fold like Transcription factor
  DNA polymerase β Merged and splitted into DNA Polymerase A, B, C, X and Y
  DNA Polymerase I
  DNA Polymerase T7
  Uracil DNA glycosylase Has 3 subfamilies Human UDG, Xenopus UDG and T. thermophilus UDG
  1. The previously recognised 54 families were split, renamed or merged while classification in order to populate them with the new members. The families listed below have been marked appropriately if they were renamed or split or merged. 17% of the families underwent these treatment. (Rest of the previously recognised families which are not listed did not get change and were populated with new members).