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Table 2 Pathways that the top ranking genes of different methods are enriched in in breast cancer patient datasets

From: Integrating gene expression and protein-protein interaction network to prioritize cancer-associated genes

Top genes Method Pathway Benjaminp
10 NGP-ND REACT_152:Cell Cycle, Mitotic 3.00E-04
REACT_383:DNA Replication 6.51E-04
REACT_1538:Cell Cycle Checkpoints 0.020
25 NGP-ND REACT_1538:Cell Cycle Checkpoints 3.84E-05
REACT_152:Cell Cycle, Mitotic 1.13E-04
REACT_383:DNA Replication 0.005
50 NGP-ND REACT_152:Cell Cycle, Mitotic 3.62E-05
REACT_1538:Cell Cycle Checkpoints 1.93E-04
REACT_383:DNA Replication 0.0120