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Table 1 Statistics of the de Bruijn graphs and optical maps used in our simulations

From: AGORA: Assembly Guided by Optical Restriction Alignment

  Min Median Mean Max
Nodes 1 35 63.63 1,023
Edges 3 110 324.4 14,251
N50 Size (kbp) 14 212.1 419.2 3,587
Genome Length (Mbp) 0.34 2.91 3.2 9.14
Restriction Sites 6 334 491.7 9,668
  1. The de Bruijn graphs for 369 bacterial genomes were generated with k-mer size 100 from the known sequences from [34] (without errors and without bubble collapsing), and the N50 size was computed for each genome, treating each edge in the de Bruijn graph as a separate contig. The row “Restriction Sites” refers to the number of cuts within the genome when using the restriction enzyme BamHI.