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Table 6 Significantly enriched (p-value < 0.001, number of genes ≥ 2) Gene Ontology biological processes for the P. falciparum and P. vivax genes

From: AbsIDconvert: An absolute approach for converting genetic identifiers at different granularities

GO ID Description listMembership pFal.Pvalue pViv.Pvalue
GO:0048639 positive regulation of developmental growth pFal 0.00023 0.078421
GO:0051865 protein autoubiquitination pFal 0.000611 0.310842
GO:0007417 central nervous system development pFal 0.000749 0.052751
GO:0010559 regulation of glycoprotein biosynthetic process pFal 0.000534 0.189699
GO:0043062 extracellular structure organization pFal 0.000896 0.056366
GO:0031290 retinal ganglion cell axon guidance pFal 0.000729 0.020543
GO:0050772 positive regulation of axonogenesis pFal 0.000671 0.108078
GO:0007268 synaptic transmission pFal 9.63E-005 0.004437
GO:0007156 homophilic cell adhesion pFal 2.90E-005 0.00181
GO:0048745 smooth muscle tissue development pFal 0.00097 0.215514
GO:0008038 neuron recognition pFal,pViv 0.000611 2.71E-005
GO:0071702 organic substance transport pViv 0.358064 0.000932
GO:0010827 regulation of glucose transport pViv 0.15634 0.000705
GO:0016337 cell-cell adhesion pViv 0.002316 0.000615
GO:0045725 positive regulation of glycogen biosynthetic process pViv 0.316458 0.000806
GO:0008037 cell recognition pViv 0.041274 0.000425
GO:0010907 positive regulation of glucose metabolic process pViv 0.486254 0.000312
GO:0045913 positive regulation of carbohydrate metabolic process pViv 0.561654 0.000731
GO:0010676 positive regulation of cellular carbohydrate metabolic process pViv 0.561654 0.000731
GO:0030036 actin cytoskeleton organization pViv 0.133792 8.55E-005
GO:0030029 actin filament-based process pViv 0.099308 2.74E-005