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Table 1 Four categories of features were extracted and tested in the automatic pipeline

From: Ranked retrieval of segmented nuclei for objective assessment of cancer gene repositioning

Category Name Brief description
  Area Number of pixels in segmentation mask
  Perimeter Length of segmentation boundary
  Perimeter/Area Perimeter to area ratio
  Solidity Ratio of area to the convex hull area
  CH Perimeter / Perimeter Ratio of convex hull perimeter to object perimeter
  Max Circle Ratio Ratio of the area of the largest inscribed circle to the total area
  Ellipse Eccentricity Eccentricity of the ellipse that has the same second-moments as the mask
Morphological Ellipse Error Ratio Area difference between best-fit ellipse and boundary
Length Measure of elongation
  Width Measure of breadth
  Mean Pairwise Distance Mean all-pairs distance between points on perimeter
  Polar Histogram Measures isotropy of border points at a given angle
  Num. Severe Corners Number of strong corners in segmentation contour
  Box-counting Dimension Fractal dimension of the perimeter
  Erosion Profile Identifies segmentations with narrow passages separating large areas
  Elliptical Fourier Number of elliptical Fourier coefficients to reconstruct the mask to within
   10% area error
  Mean Intensity Mean of grayscale intensity inside nucleus
Texture Intensity Range Range of grayscale intensity inside nucleus
Entropy Global entropy of grayscale values inside nucleus
  Gray-level Co-occurrence Statistics of the gray-level co-occurrence matrix
  Num. FISH Number of FISH spots
  FISH/Area Number of FISH spots normalized by area
FISH FISH CH Area Ratio of convex hull area formed on FISH spots to total area
  FISH Boundary Measures whether the FISH convex hull intersects the nuclear boundary
  Mean FISH Distance Mean distance between FISH spots
  Num. Nuclei Number of candidate nuclei in the image
  Intensity Ratio Mean intensity of band surrounding the nucleus compared to the mean intensity inside
Contextual Betweenness Centrality Betweenness centrality of nucleus in a graph connecting nuclei in the image
Number Neighbors Number of neighbors connected to the nucleus
  Mean Edge Distance Mean edge distance to 1st-level neighbors
  1. aSummarized here are brief descriptions of the features.