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Table 2 Comparison of intron structure predictions in S. cerevisiae and N. castellii by YGAP and AUGUSTUS

From: A pipeline for automated annotation of yeast genome sequences by a conserved-synteny approach

Species Software Predicted introns (a+b+c) False positives (a) Completely correct (b) Real intron, incorrect coordinates (c) False negatives (d) Total introns studied (b+c+d)
S. cerevisiae YGAP 146 2 127 17 122 266
  AUGUSTUS 221 90 87 44 121 252
N. castellii YGAP 146 12 123 11 58 192
  AUGUSTUS 251 173 58 20 94 172
  1. Note that False Negatives in YGAP include not only those genes for which no intron was predicted by the software, but also those for which intron coordinates could not be defined and were tagged for manual curation. The total number of introns studied (rightmost column) differs between YGAP and AUGUSTUS because some genes were not predicted by both methods.