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Table 4 Numbers of annotated genes requiring frameshift corrections or manual attention in S. cerevisiae and N. castellii

From: A pipeline for automated annotation of yeast genome sequences by a conserved-synteny approach

  S. cerevisiae N. castellii
YGAP output Confirmeda YGAP output Confirmed
Automatically correctedb - - 97 86
Unable to correctc 93 3 76 33
Tagged for manual inspectiond 390 155 465 216
  1. a Confirmed by comparison to the curated annotations of S. cerevisiae and N. castellii.
  2. b Frameshifts corrected using the reads file.
  3. c Either because the reads were not helpful or there were no frameshift (e.g. genes in which natural ribosomal frameshifting occurs).
  4. d These potential genes may contain undetected introns, untranslatable sequences due to inaccurate prediction of exon locations, or may begin or end in undefined (N) nucleotides.