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Table 2 Chromosome conformation data sets

From: Graph rigidity reveals well-constrained regions of chromosome conformation embeddings

Experiment Genome Resolution Data provided
Lieberman-Aiden et al. Human 100,1000 R,C,SN
Duan et al. Budding yeast F,10 R,C,SN,EN
Tanizawa et al. Fission yeast 20 R,SN,EN
Bau et al. Human chr. 16 F C
  1. Reported information for various chromosome conformation data sets. Some data is analyzed at the restriction fragment length resolution (F) or at coarser resolutions (in kbp). Some experiments result in paired-end reads (R) that are deposited in an online database. Interaction frequency or counts (C), a statistical normalization of counts (SN), and experimental normalization of counts (EN) are also sometimes reported.