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Table 3 Summary of chromosome conformation graphs

From: Graph rigidity reveals well-constrained regions of chromosome conformation embeddings

Experiment # Vertices Max intra-chromosomal Max inter-chromosomal
   frequency frequency
Lieberman-Aiden et al. GM06690 2,882 29,931 6,068
Lieberman-Aiden et al. K562 2,882 41,124 3,331
Duan et al. 4,193 4,683 107
Tanizawa et al. 619 35.25 13.75
Bau et al. GM12878 55 5,823 -
Bau et al. K562 55 13,686 -
  1. Summary of chromosome conformation graphs used for testing embeddability in three dimensions. The frequencies in Tanizawa et al. are experimentally normalized, and Bau et al. focus on a 500kbp segment of human chromosome 16 as opposed to the entire genome.