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Table 1 Major new features

From: Regulatory network operations in the Pathway Tools software

Ontology classes Compound-Mediated-Translation-Regulation (riboswitches)
Visualizations Regulation Summary Diagram (section The regulation summary diagram)
  Specialized Signaling Pathway display and editing (section Pathway diagrams)
  Port of Regulatory Overview (section Regulatory overview) to BioCyc website
Computational Analyses Object Group Operations and Regulation Enrichment Analysis (section Object group operations and regulation-enrichment analysis) Export of Regulatory Network
  to XGMML (Cytoscape) (section Export to cytoscape) Ranking Genes According
  to Regulatory Influence (section Ranking genes according to regulatory influence)
  Web services access to regulatory data
  1. Regulation-related features or capabilities described in this paper that are new in Pathway Tools since the last major Pathway Tools paper [1].