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Table 1 Notation and symbols

From: Consensus embedding: theory, algorithms and application to segmentation and classification of biomedical data

N High(N)-dimensional space n Low(n)-dimensional space
c, d, e Objects in set C Z Number of unique triplets in C
F(c) High-dimensional feature vector X(c) Embedding vector
Λcd Pairwise relationship in N δ cd Pairwise relationship in n
Δ(c, d, e) Triangle relationship (Defn. 1) ψES(n) Embedding strength (Defn. 2)
^ n True embedding (Defn. 3) δ ^ c d Pairwise relationship in ^ n
¨ n Strong embedding (Defn. 4) ˙ n Weak embedding
̃ n Consensus embedding (Defn. 5) δ ̃ c d Pairwise relationship in ̃ n
M Number of generated embeddings K Number of selected embeddings
R Number of objects in C X ̃ ( c ) Consensus embedding vector
  1. Summary of notation and symbols used in this paper.