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Table 4 Tagging of the inversion in 17q21 as detected by inveRsion and SNP "rs1800547"

From: Identification of polymorphic inversions from genotypes

  no-inversion homozygous inversion heterozygous inversion homozygous
rs1800547 homozygous 985 0 0
rs1800547 heterozygous 9 166 0
rs1800547 variant-homozygous 0 1 23
  1. The H1 and H2 haplotypes have been traditionally associated to the inversion status in the 17q21 inversion. From those haplotypes the SNP "rs1800547" from the MAPT gene has been used to tag the inversion in 17q21 [15]. As expected, our classification of individuals from all 11 HapMap populations agrees well with the their status for this SNP.