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Table 1 Explicit GO terms for the virus dataset

From: mGOASVM: Multi-label protein subcellular localization based on gene ontology and support vector machines

Cellular component Explicit GO terms No. of terms
  Essential GO terms Child terms (Relationship)  
   GO:00046727 (Part of), GO:0046798 (Part of),  
Viral capsid GO:0019028 GO:0046806 (Part of), GO:0019013 (Part of), 7
   GO:0019029 (Is a), GO:0019030 (Is a)  
   GO:0044155 (Part of), GO:0044084 (Part of),  
   GO:0044385 (Part of), GO:0044160 (Is a),  
   GO:0044162 (Is a), GO:0085037 (Is a),  
   GO:0085042 (Is a), GO:0085039 (Is a),  
Host cell membrane GO:0033644 GO:0020002 (Is a), GO:0044167 (Is a), 20
   GO:0044173 (Is a), GO:0044175 (Is a),  
   GO:0044178 (Is a), GO:0044384 (Is a),  
   GO:0033645 (Is a), GO:0044231 (Is a),  
   GO:0044188 (Is a), GO:0044191 (Is a),  
   GO:0044200 (Is a)  
Host ER GO:0044165 GO:0044166 (Part of), GO:0044167 (Part of), 5
   GO:0044168 (Is a), GO:0044170 (Is a)  
Host cytoplasm GO:0030430 GO:0033655 (Part of) 2
Host nucleus GO:0042025 GO:0044094 (Part of) 2
Secreted GO:0005576 GO:0048046 (Is a), GO:0044421 (Part of) 3
  1. Explicit GO terms include essential GO terms and their child terms. The definition of essential GO terms can be found in[32]. Here the relationship includes ‘is a’ and ‘part of’ only, because only cellular component GO terms are analyzed here. Relationship: the relationship between child terms and their parent essential GO terms;
  2. No. of Terms: the total number of explicit GO terms in a particular class.
  3. *:host endoplasmic reticulum.