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Table 3 Drug target content and degree properties of the full network versus interaction type subsets

From: Effects of protein interaction data integration, representation and reliability on the use of network properties for drug target prediction

Network % All drug targets (#drug targets in data set / Total #drug targets) % Drug targets in data set (#drug targets in data set / #proteins in data set) Average degree of data set Maximum degree
B subset 95.19 8.11 10.44 534
N subset 45.39 8.98 7.37 282
S subset 50.94 8.78 7.57 169
Full PIN 100 7.63 14.16 789
  1. Most drug targets are present in the binary (B) subset, while the n-ary (N) and spoke-represented n-ary data (S) subsets have around half of them. This might simply be due to the size of each subset, given that the ratio of drug targets to proteins per subset is similar. The average degree of the B subset is higher in comparison to the values for the N and S subsets, suggesting that the B subset may be a candidate to display a correlation between drug targets and high protein degree.