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Figure 3

From: Human-specific protein isoforms produced by novel splice sites in the human genome after the human-chimpanzee divergence

Figure 3

Human-specific protein isoforms with reported molecular function. The human-specific coding exons for the IMUP isoform 2 (IMUP-2) (A), SMOX isoforms 2 and 4 (B), and the NUB1 isoform 2 (C) are presented. The transcript isoform with a novel protein-coding exon is marked by an arrow at the right. The downward arrowhead in the IMUP-2 exon indicates the human-specific insertion of an adenine nucleotide. The coding region of the human-specific exon is in uppercase. The novel splice sites (gt and ag) and the stop codon (TGA in IMUP-2) in humans are highlighted in black. The conserved ancestral and human cryptic splice sites are highlighted in grey. The underlined sequence in the human SMOX (B) gene indicates the intronized region. Dots indicate that the sequences are the same as the human sequence

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