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Table 2 Genome-wide macaque-normalized diversity estimates and ratios of chromosome X to autosomes

From: NRE: a tool for exploring neutral loci in the human genome

Pop #Mb X Normalized X diversity #Mb A Normalized A diversity Normalized X/A diversity
CEU 20.6 0.00797 (0.0015) 522.9 0.01596 (0.0003) 0.4992 (0.083)
YRI   0.01245 (0.0008)   0.02023 (0.0001) 0.6154 (0.064)
CEU/YRI   0.63980 (0.0897)   0.78890 (0.0162) 0.8113 (0.115)
  1. Estimates for each region (and standard errors) together with the total number of bases analyzed after filtering (Mb). Note that the genome-wide data summarized in this table correspond to the leftmost bars of Figure 1 and Additional file 1: Figure S3 prior to the application of the more stringent set of filters for neutrality which have a large effect on results.