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Table 2 Overlapping pathways

From: miRTrail - a comprehensive webserver for analyzing gene and miRNA patterns to enhance the understanding of regulatory mechanisms in diseases

Pathway Related mRNA set Code
Olfactory transduction 04740 a, b, c 7
DNA replication 03030 b, c 2
Lysosome 04142 b, c 2
Prostate cancer 05215 b, c 2
Small cell lung cancer 05222 b, c 2
Systemic lupus erythematosus 05322 b, c 2
  1. a: Pathways related to targets of dereg. miRNAs
  2. b: Pathways related to dereg. targets of dereg. miRNAs
  3. c: Pathways related to dereg. mRNAs
  4. Code: Arithmetic sum of the following:
  5. 1: Found for a and b
  6. 2: Found for b and c
  7. 4: Found for a and c